Wednesday, May 27, 2009

New Entry!

Evidently it takes me a long time to do certain life tasks, such as getting changed after hockey games, handing in my term paper...walking. Well I can now add posting blogs to my list. Scroll down to April 4 to read my "brand new" entry.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Little misunderstanding

Sometimes I must shake my head and wonder … what is this world coming to?
While going through airport security the other day (as a side note: Melbourne – Seriously Cool city & Great Ocean Road – breathtaking), I had a little incident. A young man at the security X-ray machine piped up loudly in a sing-song voice:
“Someone’s in trouble”
while pointing to my bag. As every passenger in the vicinity set their laser sights on me, I walked over sheepishly turning 7 shades of pink, thinking … hmmm … perhaps my tube of toothpaste is over 100 ml?!?
“It appears that you have a knife in your bag, maam”
Golly … first of all … Maam … come on, you’re not that much younger than me (voice in my head whimpers) & then D’oh!/head slap combo. I had forgotten to take my Swiss army knife out of my makeup bag (you never know when a girl may need to whip out a corkscrew). I began to giggle, bat my eyes and plead silliness. No dice … I had to either chuck out the knife (a Christmas gift from a thoughtful husband) or pay a storage fee to keep it at the airport until I got back ($11/day for 6 days!).
I believe I was understandably confused by his reticence. Is this not the country that produced the legendary film line, involving knife size comparisons?!? I felt he should have been a bit more sympathetic to my blade-toting ways.
But I must admit the icing on the cake was … I’m BLONDE for goodness sakes! Does that no longer count!?! Damn you terrorists for ruining even that precious exemption ...