Thursday, December 25, 2008


A little picture diary of our Aussie Christmas:

6:30 am - Good morning ... ahhh, lovely sun on the back deck.

After peeling the neighbour's cat off our screen, I set out the morning tuna nosh.

9:00 am - Time to wake Brian with breakfast in bed & presents ... some from me & some left by Santa after I went to bed. Let the sunshine in!

Here, says still under the covers Brian, open this first .... hmmm, looks like Santa ran out of wrapping paper ... wait a sec, that looks like hair ... OH MY GOD ...

You actually did it! I never thought I'd get my most fervent Christmas wish. This is the single BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!! As I lay in a weeping pile on the bed ...
Check out the mugshot ... that chin hasn't seen sun since 2001!

Noon: OK, time to get ready to head to my coworker Andy's house. He kindly invited us over for Christmas lunch with him, his wife Tracey & his kids Lewis & Megan (oh, also his parents & their friend Denise with her son Cooper, Megan's adorable little boyfriend)

Megan shows Brian her axe ... perhaps they can jam sometime?

Present time for Andy ... big fan of Heineken I see.

5:30 pm - I can't stand it anymore, my board's in the car, we are under 10 minutes from the beach . ....

Brian's had a beer or two, so I drive ... on the other side of the road ... for the first time ... woo hoo ... not so bad ... kind a fun ... don't be scared ...

6 pm - OK, so I turned right when I should have turned left ... but we're here now. Avoca beach (my favourite) ... hey nice lady can you take our picture? Thanks ... OK ... gotta go get changed!

Ahhh ... what I've been waiting all day for ... a Christmas surf!

Paddle out, sit & wait, dangling your feet in the warm water, smell the salty air ... relax ... Oh, here comes a wave turn to the beach, paddle, paddle, paddle ... here's a bit of proof that I can actually stand, neither skillfully or gracefully mind ... perhaps that will come!?!

7:30 pm - Time to head home for a nice warm shower & pyjama time with popcorn & watching South Park on the laptop in bed.
Merry Christmas to all & to all a good night!

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